Monday, September 27, 2010

Give Shrimp a Chance

Short post as I’m still working off the Versed. Bronch went very well. Minor anxiety that passed. Dr. G-tinymighty is awesome and I hope she does all my bronchs. I did not behave inappropriately during sedation. They didn’t find anything concerning to talk about, initially, other than inflammation- which I knew from the weekend. And I have had no pain afterward. Just sleep. And I love my Mommy for, as always, taking the good care of me.

Also, this whole low fat diet started with my desire to eat shrimp, which frankly, I came out of the womb with. Every Christmas Eve, my dad makes a big bowl of shrimp and I eat half o them while the rest of my fam eats a respectively 3-5 shrimpies. Somehow, my doc, my family, and I all assumed that shrimp were high in fat- WRONG. They are high in calories, cholesterol and sodium. I need two of those three! They are NOT high in fat unless cooked in a fatty way. WTF society?


Tomorrow I get to meet Jessica Newport!!! I am so excited for this mask up to meet up!! Pics will be taken.

I took two videos today but did not upload them yet. Soon!

Here is an old picture of me from approximately 1997: Shout out to KiMindy.

Me Kim 1997

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