Sunday, April 18, 2010

Clarification on Cleveland Rocks Statment #8- it was a positive! a reason to rock!!

Cystic Gal officially issues the following notice to readers regarding her earlier post, "Cleveland Clinic Rocked," to further clarify her statement and stance that the place was indeed, rock-tastic. Initial statement, and clarification, below. Thanks!

"8. Doctor in charge of my care gave me a hug and agreed that I am not in a "tender time of my life," as recent events have dictated. (She was like, "It's not a tender time, you're dying!" and I was actually relieved at her candor. I will write more on this issue in later posts.)"*

*NOTES, but not apologies: When the doc said this, in the context of the conversation, it was both appropriate and a relief. I mean, we had already looked at my horrazzizable CT, discussed my case (lungs=bad! body=good! transplant=hope for soon!) and really, anyone active on the list is indeed on there because it is believed they would not survive otherwise. The reason her comment was a relief was that I received a recent correspondence that was "so very sorry for me" at this "very tender time in [my] life," which I thought was disgusting in context of its greater message (that I will not disclose) because I don't think of being pre-tx as a tender time. I think of it as a fight to live. I'm fighting for my life here, and giving up a lot, gaining a lot in the process. It is a biting, kicking, scratching (then sleeping) time of my life, but it is not "tender," like a piece of meat, or a baby bunny. Though, I would make a really cute baby bunny. ;)

Feel free to email me if you want to know more ;)


  1. Could we give the baby bunny biceps?


  2. The entire Kehl clan viewed "the tender time" terminology as demeaning and ridiculously understating the circumstances. Almost insulting, so we clearly embraced, as did you, the clarity of the C.C. m.d. in stating your reality. We really "got" the relief with which you responded to the comment - finally someone talking to you with the honesty you deserve. "Tender" my white a--; you are at war, girl, and you are gonna win with your legions behind you and clinicians like those at C.C. at the strategy board. Love you, Kid.


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