Sunday, April 4, 2010

Today, a new day? Well, sorta

My poor dear kitty Samuel is still sickuel. I will call the doctor tomorrow and see what she thinks is appropriate. I got him to eat a little bit of Friskies today, which I've been told is the "McDonald's" of cat food.

I spent much of this afternoon with my friend Lucy. We had a good time and I got to tell her all about Cleveland Clinic, which was awesome AWESOME and I also found out that bloggy friend Marc got his Boston-to-Cleveland transplant last Monday!! Congrats to Marc. I don't know any other news, but I believe he is doing well. In a strange turn of fate, bloggy Marc's family has a connection to a dear friend of mine, J-sing^.

In news today, it was Easter.

I was super tired today, both in the general sense and in the breathing sense. I only took an hour and a half of my bipap, and was unable to fall asleep. So this, I blame, as the culprit.

I also exchanged spirited emails with my friend K-poet and hope to be k-quoted in her new news columnular.

okay. now that i made up two words, to bed.

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  1. How wonderful to have you in my home. And how unusual to have two teenagers like one adult! Hmmm. It's charfisma. Hahahaha. Now I made up a word! I meant charisma. Charfisma must be charisma while drinking something fizzy.

    I am very excited for you to get your new lungs.



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