Sunday, April 4, 2010

I am home and Bad Things In Threes

Samuel and Beckett, takin' their nap, about 2006.

Sorry for the radio silence in the last few days. I had a won-won-wonderful time in Cleveland and was so ouber-impressed with Cleveland Clinic that I must save that post for an earlier night and a sunnier outlook.

When I got home, I learned that my dear friend and frequent CG commentator, H-Mama's, dear dog Darby died. We all know the terrible loss that comes from losing your companion pet. Darby was with Heather through most of her adult life, and I think saw her through to her new role as a mother. We are all thankful to have known Darby.

Then, as many of you know, Piper received another call for transplant, was prepped and sedated, intubated and vented, and then the surgery did not proceed because the donor heart and lungs did not survive the organ procurement process. I cannot compare how I feel to how Piper and her family must feel, but I have been quite sad and worried since hearing this news, though I know logically that what happened to Piper is extremely rare. Please send prayers, thoughts, vibes and whatever you've got to Piper and her family, and to the angels above to make their delivery.

Third thing, my dear cat Samuel is very sick. I came home from Cleveland, and he has lost some weight. Then last night he had an accident and just sat there. So sad. He was not really eating, either. My Samuel has been skinny the past couple of years since he had two very bad bladder infections. But now he is only 4.5 lbs. Not liking my prior vet, I took him to a new animal hospital today, and I learn that this vet believes my Samuel is not the 6 or 7 year old cat I thought, but she thinks he is 15! She thinks he is a very old cat, which explains some of his health problems over the last couple of years, but still, this is a weird shock to me, and I am hoping he recovers. She sent him home with me, after giving him an antibiotic shot, some fluids, and an ex-ray. She said that if he does not improve, we can do further testing, but he may just be old. Isn't that odd? Looking back, when I adopted Samuel, the woman just wanted to get rid of him. He may have already been like 12 then! Isn't that NUTS!? Of course, I love him just as much! But, this whole time I was worrying about my Beckett cat growing old, and now it is Samuel. So sad. Please say pet prayers for Samuel, too.

In the words of Patty Hughes (DAMAGES), "I've had one hell of a month and somebody's gonna pay." Not sure what that means, but it gave me and my Mom a huge laugh tonight when she said it. How about this, "I've had one hell of a month, so something's bound to improve!"



  1. Ugh, Beth--so sorry for the bad news. My prayers go out to all. I can't believe Samuel is so old--that is crazy.

    I'm glad to hear Cleveland went so well (and I think you saw our pal there too?).

    Thinking about you on this day--dogs in church, chocolate milk holy wine, yummy brunches, and good times.

    Happy Easter. Love you!

  2. Very sorry about the triad of bad things. How lucky for tour kitty that he found you.

    And when you are imitating Patty Hughes, you are definitely embracing your inner comedienne. Don't start cracking open the walls of your apartment to see what's back there!


  3. So sorry to hear about Piper, and I still can't believe the news about Samuel. :( Crazy is an understatement...

    And thank you for your love for Darby. :) She was a good girl.

    Where are the Easter Lungs we ordered for you?? :)


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