Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Top Ten Things I Wanna Do After Transplant....and then some

Unfortunately, I could not make this pic small enough to hide my hideous single wrinkle.
Pre-Transplant Never Looked So Good!

Top Ten Things I Wanna Do After Transplant:

10. Sleep without a bipap or oxygen on my face.

9. Go for a walk outside without carrying or pulling oxygen.

8. Workout at a gym and show off my fit bod.

7. Go swimming (yes, I know, I have to wait like a year for this.)

6. Go on a vacation and sit on a beach (with suntan lotion, ok! jeez! my new post-tx subconscious is really draggin' this list down)

5. Direct a musical and run around like a crazy person when I want to instead of asking my assistant, "Can you go...[insert cardiovascular activity here]," although the kids at WHS and BH would tell you, I can dance with O2 with the best of them.

4. Only take naps when I feel like it.

3. Do yoga without risking life by tripping on oxygen chord again and again, and again.

2. Talk on the phone for a really long time, or talk in general for a really long time, without getting out of breath. I might say that my favorite thing to do is talk. As a theatre artist, I was blessed to develop my projection (loud ass voice with little effort and a crazy strong diaphragm.) As a CF patient, I haven't every really been able to STOP talking using so much breath. These things are not in agreement with each other and I am always using up all my air being too loud!

1. It's a secret!

EXTRA: Go to NY, see Evie^, and navigate streets and subway without nearly collapsing. NYC loves the not-moving escalators in the four-stories-underground subways. YIKES!


  1. Love it. There's also, come to New York to visit!

  2. Um, how about "go to NY, see Evie [and Piper]..."

    I like that better.

  3. Love your LISTS =)
    I'm gonna have to come up with some ;)

  4. #2 is the best feeling. It happens right away. I didn't even know I was doing it until evyone would say "Wow, you just don't stop talking and there is so much energy in your voice." I love hearing that.

  5. Great list. And it's just a start.

  6. don't forget "have extra time because i'm not doing nebs or treatments!" seriously when i finally got home, i thought extra time had been inserted into the day! i had chunks of time to do whatever i wanted with, it was so great! :)

  7. I did not see sing on there. Do you wanna sing? xxoo


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