Sunday, April 11, 2010

No News and No Posts

So, no, I didn't get my lungs yet and no, nothing's wrong. I just sorta haven't felt much like writing lately. But, I will tomorrow. I've been writing some poems over at Patient Press, and also, was working on getting its LLC status, which finished today. Oh yeah, and I did my taxes which were super. Super like taxes. Next post, I promise, I will write about how much I loved Cleveland Clinic and how much I look forward to getting my transplant there, or uh, here.



  1. Beth,

    Take as long as you need... of course I am friends with you on FB so I always now that you are alive ;) and still, unfortunately, with no lungs... but you had a hard couple weeks so I will let you go unposting, for now anyways ;)

  2. I wanted to let you know that Cameron had to choose a poem to memorize for English class at Uni highschool and he chose yours, No Dragon Slayer. Cameron wanted me to tell you he loves the poem and so did his teacher Mr. Rayburn! You touch so many lives! Amazing!


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