Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Goodbye to my dear cat, Samuel

(c) MEP, April 2010

He liked to hold hands,
sing loud,
drink much.

He hated invasions of privacy.

He disliked loud laughs,
large cars,
long baths.

Extravagance, he thought, was over-rated.

He preferred the cool breeze,
a good nap,
a true friend.

He loved to watch snow falling slowly.

He was usually polite,
unless screaming,
or crying.

He readily shared his opinions.

He wants you to know
that he thinks this is silly.
It is ridiculous, he believes,
to make a poem of him.
It is ridiculous, he believes,
to write an animal poem.

I tell him this poem is not him at all,
how ridiculous, how absurd, I tell him.
I tell him this poem is a poem about
a woman writing a poem about
a woman writing a poem about
her cat.

He is easily pleased,
sleeps deeply,
wakes calmly,
young and


  1. Beautiful. I like to think that Samuel sort of liked me, despite me having the major drawback of being male.

  2. such a cutie....(((HUGS)))

  3. I am sorry... What a cute video though. He obviously had an awesome life with you, so remember that in your grieving. Sending you my thoughts and prayers for this and for lungs.

  4. CG-

    What a lucky kitty he was to have found you. I am so very sorry for your loss. xxoo


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