Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Piper, James, JUSTINE and I ask the fates for TONIGHT: Transplant QUADRUPLICATE?

Piper Beatty, James fahr, Justine and I want this to be this night for our transplants. Last time Piper and I made a pact for our transplant, Jess got the call- so it can work! Tonight tonight tonight! Say your prayers, cross your fingers, don't step on a crack- whatever you need to do to get Piper, James, Justine and I our lungs!!! I repacked my bag, and it's on!! Let's try to get 'er done!

*just to be clear, I didn't get the call, I just am trying for one of us three to get it- and maybe all three!

love, cg


  1. I'm pulling for you guys!

    I'm 2.5 years out. I'm hoping you guys can feel as good as I do asap.



  2. I want my call, too! I need to finish re-packing my bag...

  3. fingers and toes crossed for someone to get called!!!!!

  4. If it's a numbers game, then count me in too. I just repacked my transplant bag yesterday. I'm hoping one of us gets the call tonight!

  5. Thanks girl! I have a good feeling about this!

  6. Thanks for the last blog post! James Fahr is my husband. Here's hoping everyone gets the REAL call very, very soon! Take care.


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