Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More on Dragons

I am up late and it's a whole new post date now. A few weeks ago Mary from "Peter, Paul and Mary" died. This leaves me thinking about dragons again and how I was on this whole mission to figure out why CFers are not dragon slayers, but dragons themselves. If this seems out of context, new readers, this was a topic earlier in the CG blog world.

Perhaps I will get another dragon poem out of it.

Dragons are noble and courageous and brave.
Dragons have a mighty roar and a fierce fire inside
Dragons are strong strong stronger than the will of any mortal man
"Dragons live forever, and not so little boys."
Dragons feel deeply, live boldly, and live their very public adventures in a very isolated way. There are not big packs of dragons. Yet every time a dragon flies through the sky, there it is, a dragon. A dragon to look at and admire but only one or two befriend.

Tonight I am thinking a lot about how to begin to summon my inner dragon with more ferociousness. I will need to be more noble and courageous than I am right now.

I will need to have a fiercer fire.

I will need to be stronger than mortality.

I could live forever. Maybe.

Love, CG

More poetry posts this week. 2 are percolating.

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  1. This is an especially fitting picture for you, CG, because the dragon is surrounded by cat friends. What would we do in life without cat friends?


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