Saturday, October 3, 2009

A slice of life with CG and CL (CysticLady)


  1. No sheets were harmed in the making of this film. CL

  2. HAHAHA.. man I enjoyed marinol's effects for about 30 minutes to an hour but then I would get the spins like I was beyond drunk and then puke or have to pass out in order to not puke (plus my bf got sick of driving me around since I was umm incapable of doing so :/ )... kinda defeating the purpose of the marinol... I only tried it for a couple weeks at the right dose (I had been taking it for like a month at too low of a dose to do anything but make me sleep haha, so my doctor was like, are you feeling anything? i said no, he starts laughing and says, you want to be feeling it. haha)

    Once though, i had to sit through a guest lecturer in one of my classes... oh my gosh I had to get up and leave just because I was sooo close to bursting out laughing.. and then I puked ... thinking about it now makes me giggle.
    You guys make me giggle!

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