Monday, October 12, 2009

Back In the Saddle Again

Back in the hospital again I offer you the best sort of post that there is to post which is of course the post of
post post post postable
I am back in the hospital after a weekend of feeling very short of breath
very short of breath indeed more short of breath than I ever have felt
in my whole life long
over and over again
on the couch short of breath collapsing
on the bed short of breath laying
on the kitchen floor sitting down time for a rest
in the bathroom leaning over the sink just to brush the teeth I am short short short of breath which really means
I am gasping
or drowning
or both
trying to catch your breath when you have no room left to breath is just sort of
dot dot dot
useless as a metaphor.
you cannot catch something that doesn't exist is what I'm trying to say
how can you catch your breath
catch air out of the air
and put it into your lungs
where there is no room for it anyway
that's like trying to catch an elephant in your driveway and fit it into the trunk of your car
the trunk of an elephant's trunk wouldn't fit in your trunk.
not with all that junk.

i'll leave you with that bizarre thought for tonight.

i am in the hospital again but there is no need to worry. i just needed more oxygen, and it seems, some hydration, and of course, some IV antibiotics, and but of course,
a nap.

i miss my cats.


look forward to the first post by CLady, perhaps tonight!!

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  1. frenchgriffinhazel10/19/09, 1:58 PM

    I enjoy the stream of conciousness posts. We have 9 cats and my 8yr old CFgirl misses them. In the hospital for first of three weeks. She'll be missing her upper left lobe by the time we leave here. Fight a good fight!!


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