Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's Me

Yo world, It's CG here, it's really me!

I have had a long day and am waiting on the nurse to start my evening IV, so must stay up 30 more minutes. Blah.

Today I thought of writing the blog in all sorts of ways:

Cynical CG Blog: What did you do today, CG? Try to breath.
Silly CG Blog: What did you do today, CG? Spend time with my mommy.
Cranky CG Blog: What did you do today? Be annoyed at the P.A. who [omitted personal info that would make him/her feel bad]- and who is also generally blah.
Medical Jargon CG: . . .


My totally on-the-verge-of-being-witty-n-hilarious blog just got interrupted by the Respiratory Therapist hooking up my BiPap who decided to entertain me with ALL, I repeat, ALL of the following voices:

Johnny Cash
Vampires in general?
Count Chocula
and would you believe it... Julie Andrews?

While entertaining for a bit, this turned a 2 minute night-time errand into a 20 minute song and dance.

This is just the sort of thing that a CG does not like about the hospital. When I wanna go to sleep, some 50 year old guy wants to tell me about his misspent career choices and how-he-coulda-been-a' . . . Elvis impersonator . . ? His misspent career moves remain unclear.

In other news, related to me . . . :)

Today was better than yesterday. The BiPap certainly helped the first half of my day. I was more rested and I believe my lungs were "more open" than usual. Then day went arie...ary...ariye...a-rye...arrie ? HOW THE HECK DO YOU SPELL THAT? I just tried 5 ways.

The day went 'OUT OF WACK' when I tried a hypertonic saline neb against my better judgement and it nearly killed me. Just when I get to goin-with-the-flow around here, something bites me in the ass. Today it was that neb.

After that, I was mostly exhausted most of the day.

But still, better than yesterday. My CysticMommy arrived today and we took a walk around the hospital, and I did evening yoga (quite poorly, though...) tonight.

Now, imapenem IV and to bed.

Thank you all for your suppport. Love, CG


  1. awry

    But I kinda like a-rye.

    So, when people hear you teach theatre, they get in touch with their inner ham? Does this happen a lot?

    Or was this random?

    Continuing to send you all positive vibes, but in my normal (somewhat boring, but soothing in an FM radio host kinda way) voice. No impersonations, that's just me.

  2. man if you could have seen my facebook status' while I was in the hospital a couple weeks ago....
    I have similar complaints and annoyances... seriously... sometimes im in the mood for talkative, but mostly im not.

    I think I hate the rt that just stand there and watch me... freaky and annoying.

    by the way, have you tried the 'percussor'? My hospital doesnt do hand cpt they use a machine, manual one now and after my hospital stay I bought one for home... I love it way more than the vest... because it can concentrate on areas like the lower lobes and sides. I still use the vest but I feel like a mixture of exercise, percussor and vest has to be confusing my lungs on which areas to clear therefore different areas have to be getting cleared out rather than the areas that are shaked routinely by the vest.

    whew sorry so long.

    I hope the bi-pap isnt too uncomfortable, Ive never even seen one but they sound scary. I hope the hospital food isnt too sucky as well :)

  3. Awry is weird, ain't it?

    Also: Your yoga was okay. Yoga is always okay. Yay for doing yoga, CG.

    Too bad about Mr. Chatty. No fun when someone gets cheering someone up confused with shutting up (you needed the latter).

    Yay for your Mom.

    You are on my mind and I am wishing for you: smooth breaths, silent-ish nurses/technicians, a lotta Tricia, a lotta Mom, and whatever else you might like. xxxooo

  4. Count Chocula? Really?!

    Martin and I are thinking of you!

  5. Sending you lots of good energy. Keep that PA AWAY from you. Glad your mom is here! ...and yoga is always good no matter what!! Awry is kind of like wierd-weird-?? Love our language. See you this week for more Reiki.XOXO

  6. Matt and Robin10/19/09, 12:28 PM

    Got updated yesterday by your Dad (who I understand is on the way tomorrow). Robin and I are thinking about you all the time. Good luck and we love you.

    The Cool Uncle in

  7. hey Beth...I am waving at you!

  8. But did he do the character known as 'Count' from Sesame Street? You know, that was the guy that was like 1,2,3! AH-AH-AH!!!

  9. It's BRUZYY making his first appearance on the blog! BRUZZY, will your reveal your true CIdentity?


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