Monday, October 5, 2009

Introducing Guest Blogger Cystic Lady!

"PS - i adore the 20 second videos of you
and [Cystic Lady]

i've never met the girl, but i can tell she rules."

-Actual comment on facebook today.

Cystic Lady, March 2009, in pursuit of Cruise Hotness.

I have added a guest blogger who you already e-know and e-love, Cystic Lady! Cystic Lady hails from the original Cystic Family of Cystic Gal, Cystic Mommy, Cystic Dad of recent CG commentary and Cystic Sibling who goes mostly anonymous on blog thus far. (He is mysteriousemente, that Cystic Sibling I love!). [If you struggled to pronounce mysteriousemente, try it again in a Spanish accent).

Cystic Lady and Cystic Gal teamed up earlier this year to write the much-acclaimed and forwarded Facebook Notes, "Project Cruise Hotness," of which we have not yet written the final chapter. Perhaps we will publish "Project Post Transplant Hotness" in 2010. Oh to be a Cystic^ Sister!

Cystic Lady is in her thirties, w/CF, CFRD, and approximately 6 years post-transplant. The rest of her story is up to her to tell. She has gotten her most recent bloggy start HERE, but she has agreed to contribute directly to CG for awhile, while I'm undergoing my shiizzzle. Don't worry, I'll still be contributing, like, all the time.

Let's give a big CG welcome to . . .

Cystic Lady!

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  1. Welcome Cystic Lady!! I need a guest blogger as well...let me know when you're up for the challenge :)



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