Sunday, October 4, 2009

Looking for "poems about boobs."

This Week's
Hilarious Statcounter Update!

The top search term used to locate CG this week - ON TWO DIFFERENT DAYS: "poems about boobs."

See evidence below. Also, apparently I am still confusing googlers worldwide who are seeking information on Florence Nightingale. Tee hee.

Date Time Name Query Landing Page
magnify visitorOct 605:16:31 about boobs2009/08/poem-from-hospital.html
magnify visitorOct 609:42:16"my underwear drawer"2009/09/my-underwear-drawer-fair-representation.html
magnify visitorOct 609:16:21 gal blogspot
magnify visitorOct 609:11:18 gal blogspot
magnify visitorOct 609:09:06
magnify visitorOct 511:10:43 nightingale syndrome2009/07/florence-nightingale-syndrome-what-can.html
magnify visitorOct 509:59:21 good day, aint got no rain. A bad day is when I sit in bed and think of things that might have bee2009/07/good-day-aint-got-no-rain.html
magnify visitorOct 509:50:43 gal
magnify visitorOct 409:07:14 about boobs2009/08/poem-from-hospital.html
magnify visitorOct 401:28:00 health updates2009/09/current-situtaion-heres-sitch.html

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