Friday, March 12, 2010

Best. Nurse. Ever

Meet S-Crushie, my favorite nurse of all time. Why do I name her S-Crushie^ using the Super Secret Cystic Gal Pseudonym Creation Calculation? I must not reveal my secrets!! I will tell you that the Crushie part of her "name" actually breaks the rules of the sacred, secret calculation because it is actually based on how I feel about S-Crushie! I have a total non-sexual crush on this gal! I have the 2nd biggest nurse-crush ever on her, in fact!

She is very funny, very nice, loves good candy and good coffee, never wakes me up from naps, and even puts up with me when I am in a cranky mood. Of course I must have a crush on her! You must too!

Welcome, S-Crushie! The first nurse to be featured here on CG! I hope that all of you have a S-Crushie in your hospital!

goodnight (from home!!)


  1. I DO have a crush on her! Wow!

  2. Awesome!!! You crack me up!! ;) Glad you have such a great nurse!

  3. All of my nurses are over 60. Is it okay if I have a crush on your nurses?

  4. I love crushes on nurses!!! I had a couple that I ADORED at Presby! I shall miss them terribly :(

  5. I have a nurse like this. My favorite ever, her name is Andrea (I have a picture too, but I am with her), and we have each others phone numbers and emails and she is like 30 or 31 but always acted and looked like she was 23, except as far as her medical and nursing knowledge, always so wise and mature in that aspect.

    I feel like I am the junior high kid, looking up to the cool, role model high schooler when I think of her.

    She actually changed focus's (so floors) to expand and grow with her career and it was sad when i had to go to the hospital for hte first time w/o her being there. She was doing like an internship in Seattle (normally we are in s.f.) so now she is actually back at my hosptial and my city for going to the hospital at least, so i can call her when im in "house" and she said she'd bring me milkshakes and burgers.

    She is great. And sooo funny.
    ignore all the misspellings and typos please.

  6. I want to be an S-Crushie when I grow up...aka when I graduate nursing school in December.


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