Monday, March 8, 2010

Still in Jail

But worked on my book all day except for when my Muzz came to visit, I talked on the phone with my friend Lucy^, saw T-Money^, and JO came over to watch the Oscars!!

Here is the new cover of my book! I am so psyched!!

Health update: no bleeding yesterday, but then it came back today right before I was going to take a walk outside in the super weather. I was afraid to aggravate my angry lungs, so I did not go. Hopefully, tomorrow, I'm all clotted off or whatever and can have a normal day- maybe go home Tuesday!!

That's all, homies!!


  1. Bummer you missed the weather it was fab! Text me Tuesday if you do get to go home!!!! I would love to meet you but going home is even better! :)


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