Sunday, March 28, 2010

For Eva, Breathe Freely

Eva, in a beautiful artistic pose.

We lost a wonderful young cystic gal this week. Breathe freely, Eva Dien Brine Markvoort. She was a wonderful poet, student, advocate, party gal, and blogger. In her honor, I offer you one of her poems tonight:

more each day
© Eva Dien Brine Markvoort 2006-2010

hugs from ted
little step little bit
one tiny tiny moment

trying hard to pull it in
feel more myself every minute

need my sister need my brother
my father boyfriend mother

medications like mathematics
adding minus food and liquids equals nausea question mark


blurry eyes trying to keep up with conversations
no need
each hand being massaged by friends in order to feel safe and held
i am not alone

then two days later
i am brave
kitchen breaks

darkness fills the room
i am ok
i am ok
sleep is suddenly my friend

hope resounds
i am not dying
i am living living living more each day
i am loving more each day
loving loving loving more each day
more each day


  1. Hi Cystic Gal,

    i have been feeling tears well up in my eyes ever since I read that Eva died. You picked a beautiful quote to remember her by. What impact do you think she has had on CF awareness? I'm a teacher and saw 65_Red Roses. I shared some of her videos with my video production students and they all wanted to do something related to organ transplants as their projects. I feel like a ripple propelling Eva's message of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to my little piece of the pond. I hope you get a new set of lungs and get to breathe fully, deeply, and with lots of joy.

  2. I only recently learned of Eva - what an inspiration! I've gone through about 75% of her blogs just yesterday! I hope we can become CF e-friends. I'm 42 with CF. Just started blogging anonymously a couple of weeks ago.

    Breath Easy


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