Monday, March 8, 2010

News and Mask Up to Meet Up

This is a quote from the Conan O'Brien farewell speech, and it is a pretty good motto. T-shirts, anyone? This is my motto for the hospital too. I have a lot to do while I'm in here - like finalizing my proof the book, accept purchases of the book, promo the book, start a second book... (you get the I overly excited?)

Also, have to coordinate travel to [second tx center]. Had a great chat with tx center PA here, one I love, I'll call her.... C-Meddie, for the town she is from and her job. C-Meddie said it's great to be on two lists and play the odds against each other. See who comes through first, make no commitments, like having two boyfriends. I said, C-Meddie, you know me so well!

The other big project while I'm in here: get better! Still having some streaking, so I'm not out of the woods, or out of the jail, yet.

Tomorrow! ! ! Famous blogger Amy is coming to meet me. She is going to start seeing my team here at [I'll let her blog tell you], and I am so excited. After her appointment she is going to come visit me and check out her future digs at this hospital! This will be the first ever Mask Up To Meet Up event in my life. I have this idea of making this a big event down the road, like ordering crazy cute masks and having a big picnic or something. Super. Not a project for now, I know. Too many projects already. And all done while sitting! :)

More later... cg

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  1. I can't wait to meet you!!!! I'm thinking photo op while I am there too haha!!!!

    I like the idea of cute masks! Making one with a Julia Roberts smile would be super cool!!!!


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