Sunday, March 28, 2010

Goin' on a Lung Hunt.

Not a lot of time on the sched. before I leave for Cleveland Clinic tomorrow to get myself on another UNOS list. I am so very excited. I made this video to show you :)


  1. Woo Cleveland! Woo Ring! Woo Pink! Woo Orange!

    Travel safely and gloriously.

  2. We're going on a lung hunt.
    We're going to get some GOOD ones.
    What a BEAUTIFUL day!
    We're not scared.

  3. hmell75 stole my lines haha!!!! Its a fun book and look you can change it all to lung hunt ;)

    good luck!!!!

  4. Go get them lungs, Gal!
    And wear pink!


  5. thanks for the video and the kiss at the end of the video...kisses right back at ya!

  6. Ha, that was so cute! I love "I am not taking my cat, she is crying" (or something like that)

    and my favorite
    "I am also taking my mom, but I wont video tape her because she gets mad"

    hehe so funny

    anyways, my o2 concentrator is the same hugeness as yours but I got the old ugly one! Mine is like, light gray, and ugly! I want the cool charcoal gray one and your power button area is different than mine!

    Good Luck in Cleveland!

  7. goodness. it doesn't get any cuter than you.


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