Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Awesome Day Today

Today I went to Red Spot Printing and though the fumes of the old printin' press were a little hard to muster before we moved into the glass office, I had a rad time picking out the pretty papers and binding and doodley dads for me book!

Then, I took my car to the awesome Tom Lyons Tires (and other automotive razzmatazz), because oh nos! I thought somethin' was wrong-o with my car-o. It was making a clunketty clunk noise when switching gears yesterday. Nothin' wrong-o, says Mr. Tom-o. (err... they looked, and saw nothing, drove it around, and say, it's okay now!)- best part: No charge. Thanks Tom Lyons!!

Then I came home and received a crazy sleep outfit from my sister which I did uploadeodoe.

Then I emailed my ars off with an author named Patrick Randolph about a book called EMPTY SHOES. This Patrick and I wanna have our poetry reading together. His book- about homelessness. Me book (and why am I Irish today), about waiting on The List- what do they have in common?

Navigating complex social systems while enduring the most challenging emotional experience of your life. Should make for a great night! Err... at least a lot to think about!!

Super. Gotta go write a poem about...oh dang, I'm not gonna tell you.


  1. Ohhhh let me know when/if you do that poetry reading! Sounds like it would be fun!!!!!

    Irish cause its the Irish month! I'm Irish so I like it haha!

  2. HOORAY FOR THE BOOK!! You must've had so much fun - I know I'm a mess in a stationary store, but THIS is for a BOOK!!! :)
    Cannot wait to show off my copy!


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