Friday, March 5, 2010

Here is What I Know

Being in the hospital on a Friday is usually craptacular.

Waiting for your bipap to be set up when you've been awake most of the night and since about 6 is even worse.

I am cranky.

I am sleepy.

I don't think I'm allowed to sleep without my bipap.

My lungs were bleeding yesterday and today, so I'm back in the hospital.

Don't be alarmed. I'll call you later (note to the homies).

Also, all apologies if this offends, but as the picture above shows, in my 12 years as an official adult with CF, I have yet to experience a CF Adult Clinic nutritionist who contributes a single new idea or dare-i-say conversational phrase to the process that is my hot bod. ;)



  1. I think Iris and Roger could have been better nutritionists for frustrating-they've been saying ensure for years now. Ridiculous I say! Remind them that it is 2010!

  2. You are the hottest Ensure spokeswoman I've ever seen.

  3. I know what you need. Chicken to the S to the O to the U to the P.

  4. Okay that's like the first and last time I don't check for new posts! Cute pic! Why not have me as your nutritionist? I have good stuff to say. Eat as many calories as you can and you probably know that, and everything else, already. Right? Right. xxxooo


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