Monday, July 20, 2009

Know When To Walk (away), Know When To . . . Walk.

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I realized my dates were wrong in the Exercise Tracker! New Exercise Tracker coming! I've been at it every day except 2- both publicized honestly :) Thanks for all your support!

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Know When to Walk (away), Know When to . . . Walk

Ok Readers. Here it is. I'm gonna give it to you straight. After 30 days of research, both bold and careful, easy and hard- here is the hard truth.

I am not a runner.

I am no "RunSickboyRun." I'm never gonna be one of those peeps who runs a marathon and "oh my God she has Cystic Fibrosis!!" is said on the evening news. It's not in the cards. Not this year.

For the past thirty days, I've been conducting secret research, trying different methods to try to incorporate running into my workout. I was a Cystic Gal with a dream. I tried doing one minute of running every ten minutes of my work out. Nope. I tried doing thirty seconds. Nope. I tried FIFTEEN FRIGGIN SECONDS. Nope. My heartrate is not happy with me running, and neither is my O2 regardless of how high it is set. My lungs and heart are not ready to run.


I'll be okay.

To bring me out of my doldrums, I wrote myself a little diddy. It is sung to the tune of "The Ants Go Marching In." (the kids song, not the DMB song).

Gal Goes Walking In
By Cystic Gal

2.8-3.5 for me, hurrah. hurrah.
2.8 is the speed to beat, hurrah, hurrah.
3.5 is the max for me, hurrah, hurrah.
I'm the best walker, you see- HURRAH! HURRAH!

My point: I am learning that it is not about matching someone else's workout even if that's your romantic dream. I have much lower FEV's and O2 SATs than most of my bloggies. I canNOT compare myself to them fairly. I might as well compare myself to Lance Armstrong. That would be pointless.

I must work to the highest part of my target heartrate, and keep my 02 between 88 and 95, and sustain for >30minutes! That is all!

I worked hard today! HURRAH!!!

Goodnight, bp


  1. Great job on your workout and figuring out what's best for you! Believe me, I'm no "runner" either. I'll tell you what I've told others in the past (and what I often tell myself when I'm looking to match others):

    "It's not about being better than me, it's all about you being better than you"- Ronnie

    I love your tenacity and heart and I encourage you in every way to keep it up!


  2. When does your book come out, RSR? I want the first copy! (after mandi)

  3. CG-

    You are so excellent. You are pushing yourself to do your best. Your body does not want to run. Walking is a great thing to do, so you will do it. Now are we having lunch or what?



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