Friday, July 24, 2009

No Full Moon? Big Disappoinment. A non-CF post just to update.

I cannot believe there was not a full moon this week.

Tonight's blog will be short. In fact, it is 12: 20 AM so I really missed Friday's deadline. Today, I stayed home sick to do my meds and airway clearance (in which I made great strides, and if your doc ever wants to show your CT, watch it. It's a great motivator for the hows/whens/how muchs of your airway clearance!).

Whilst I was staying home, a man tried to break into my house, apparently to beat up another man. A "black man!" which made him yell that at me through the window, which made me think he was a) crazy b) a rapist for wanting to "hang up the phone! There's a black man!!!", c) scary scary scary. d) a racist. Did I mention that he had no shirt on and some crazy tattoos?

I had quiet a day after that. Nuff said. Where IS Kyra Sedgwick when you need her? Sargeant Provenza would have been all over this.

Thank god for valium, naps, friends and sleep.

T-Money and J-Teach came over. They are the best of friends, goodnight.

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