Saturday, July 11, 2009


For tonight's blog, I invite you to read this particular post from one of my favorite bloggers . . .

The famous CF Husband!

This post tackles something that has been a big issue in my life recently: "the big talk." What is the fine line in discussion with my loved ones, family and friends, about my health, my future, my plans? This is also, actually, an issue that I seem to be tackling with my medical staff right now too. They are sensitive to my emotional nature and my anxiety. In their sensitivity, I think our conversations are moving more slowly than either of us would really like.

Isn't that odd?

It's like being on a date where neither person wants to be there. Both people want to get up and leave but CAN'T!

In this situation, both parties want to have a discussion, but don't.

Humans are weird this way.

Deep thoughts by CG.

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  1. No doubt - I am terrible at having "THE" conversation, whatever it may be. I'm not good at serious discussions and I will usually start changing the subject or making bad jokes. Not that I don't realize that I need to have these talks, but it's rare that I can find the person that I am comfortable having it with.


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