Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What Are You On, Man?

Reader Question: CG, what meds are you on? What do you do for exercise and etc.?

CG Answer:

I decided to make y'all a list. I also added this to my left hand column and will update it as I go!

New Meds since hospitalization Aug '09: (other changes noted in red below)
5-7.5mg norvasc for high blood pressure,
750mg oral antibiotic cipro BID
following 30 days of IV antibiotic tobramycin and 21 days IV antibiotic cephapime.
Currently completing 14 days merapenim IV.
some other pill that starts "cyph" which is how I abbreviate it to treat possible seratonin syndrome, (cyphohepdadine??!!- don't make me get up to look).

Px Pills:
Zithromax 3 x week.
Mephyton 3 x week.
Prilosec 40mg 2 x day.
Ultrase MT 20 with food.
Sertraline 1 x day.
Valium as needed for sleep, anxiety.
Source CF Vitamin 2 x day.

OTC Pills:
Vit C 2 x day.
Vit B.
Airborne when something's comin' on. That's right. More h20 soluble vitamins can't hurt us, right?

Symbicort 2 x day.
Ventolin before airway clearance and as needed.
Flonase 1 x day.


Pulmozyme 1-2 x day.
TOBI 2 x day, month on/off.

Airway Clearance: Autogenic Breathing/Self-Administered or inflicted Postural Drainage 2-3 x day.
Rotating Cardio walking 2.5-2.8mph w/ 5L supp O2 - DAY 1 and
Hatha Yoga with different goals as needed -DAY 2
Nasal Rinse (neti-pot) as needed.

3.5L with exercise
1-2L with sleep
and as needed

Nutrition Additions :)

Ensures 2/day
Lots o' Gatorade to replace sodium.
High Salt, High Protein, High calorie diet.
I drink coffee.


  1. Looks like a pretty comprehensive list to me :)

    I don't even recognize some of the names on there. I'm wondering if we are just calling the stuff by different names?


  2. I'm still trying to figure you out LOL

    Nice list!!!!! Funny how the amount of drugs doesn't seem to phase us but to the non-CFer they look at it and their mouths drop haha!

  3. Ronnie - Maybe they are just different names. What seems like a weird name?

    Here are some guesses...

    Mephyton is just Vitamin K.
    Sertraline is Zoloft :)
    Symbicort is a combination inhaler like Advair or Serevent.
    Ventolin is like Albuterol.

    Does that help?

  4. Amy, what is it that you can't figure out?


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