Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Vow of the Cardio-ORIGINAL

The Vow of the Cardio.

NOTE: This version of the Vow will remain published, but revisions will be posted here, as I move forward with my progress and thoughts on exercise!

You, too, may take this vow. Or you may make your own. It is a promise between you and your lungs.

1. I vow to provide my Lungs with daily exercise so that they can serve me to the best of their ability.

2. I vow to exercise my Lungs for a non-negotiable minimum of 30 sustained minutes every day including during religious holidays, family events, unforeseen circumstances, and regardless of the time of day, the status of my Tummy, and even when I am very sick unless my doctor actually tells me directly that I may not exercise.

3. I promise my Lungs that their oxygen needs will be met. To ensure that my Lungs will believe me, I will call my home health company ahead of time to prepare for travel, holidays, and changes to my routine. I will program the home health 02 company's name into my cell and set reminders to call them for supplies.

4. I will not fool my Lungs that other forms of non-sustained exercise can take the place of my Cardio/aerobic time. I will use other forms of exercise to compliment my aerobic activity, not replace it.

5. I will monitor my Lungs' ability to use O2, and the status of their dearest friend, the Heart, by checking my O2 SAT and pulse. I will work to my full potential during my workouts by steadily increasing the difficulty as I track my improvements. I will expect my Lungs to work to their full potential, but I will not get mad at them if they have a bad day, week, month, or year.

6. I will set goals for me and my Lungs, and when we complete them, I will reward us handsomely. The goals I set will not be based on how "hard" I work out, but how often, as I cannot truly control how fast I can go or how long I can go on a given day.

7. I promise to keep exercising my Lungs during a health setback- especially during a health setback. My Lungs are sad then and need the pick-me-up endorphins.

8. I will use The Vow of the Cardio to defeat The Demonic Yukkies and their ever-increasing liege, and drive them out of my Lungs forever.

9. I promise to review my Vow regularly, both alone with my Lungs, and with my physician, to make changes as needed.

10. I promise my Lungs that I will be honest with my Readers about my adherence to The Vow.

Make you own ten-point "Vow of the Cardio" today! Don't make YOUR Lungs say, "What have you done for ME lately?"

In an upcoming post, "The Lung Agreements," or what your lungs promise to do for you.


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