Monday, July 27, 2009

The Clown Girl

[This poest has been deleted because it is included in my chapbook, "Into the East."]


  1. love it. I have a secret passion for poetry... ok its not a secret!!!

  2. Hum! I thought I was the only poet in the family!

  3. Hey! thanks for the comment!
    The guy on my page is Manafest, he's a christian rapper, he's really good...he's got a song about healing, called Glory(you are).

    All you gotta do to add the player is make a free account at add your songs then go to add gadget when you edit your playlist scroll down through the gadgets and there's one that say's playlist add it, then pick the playlist you wanna add, then your background...and your done!

  4. Great poem by the way! Its COOL!!!


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