Thursday, July 9, 2009

Off the horse? On the wagon? er...Exercise Developments

I fell off the exercise wagon this week. Just as I decided to start logging my exercise on the CG blog, poof I stopped exercising. First it was the holiday weekend with lots of socializing and, "Hey, no one else is working out today, right?" Then it was the purchase of some new porch furniture and, "This is so relaxing!" (sitting on my ass, is in fact, relaxing). Then, my rehearsal schedule changed and it was, "I deserve a nap today," followed by, "It's too late to exercise."

I teach my students that if, while working on a scene, they get distracted, they lose their energy, or they feel silly and their focus wanders away, that it doesn't matter to the audience. I tell them, "It doesn't matter where you go, it just matters that you come back." I hope that the students return to their scene work after a failed moment with a larger achievement. I tell them that the audience usually forgets the moment that sucked if the moment after it is outstanding (I think this is true most of the time).

Today, I decided to apply this same theory to my exercise.

Dear Exercise, I'm back. Love, CG.

Goodnight! CG


  1. This is good advice. It works for not just exercise, but also when you fall off the diabetes testing or the TOBI inhaling wagon. "Just because I didn't do it this morning doesn't mean that I can't start now." meep CL

  2. Once you get started it will be like second nature...Thing is, you've got to start. OKAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY, NOW!!!!!


  3. We can get back on the bandwagon together! I finally got my pulseox batteries in the mail last night so I no longer have an excuse not to exercise!! This weekend it begins!!!!!!!!!!

    I might have to use your theory when I fall off the TOBI wagon :)

  4. I exercised like a superstar both yesterday and today... YAY ME!

    And Amy, YAY YOU!


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