Thursday, July 30, 2009

Catchup, People! And new exercise idea

I've been told lately that there are too many long posts up and that people want a sec to catch up. Okay- so here you have it tonight!!

A few brief updates:

There will actually be less narrative posts, I think, in the next two weeks because I start a huge project on Monday (yay) and anticipate being busy at night getting ready for the morning. Due to my new project over the next two weeks . . .

I also ! am bravely ! starting !! a morning !!! workout !!!! routine tomorrow !!!!! I'm going to try to work out in the morning, which I only succeeded in doing at Pulmonary Rehab. But I DID do it. But it sucked. But I DID do it. I think it is ultimately better for my lungs to go through that process, though it is not more gentle on them or on my diaphragm, because I have pretty bad morning cough. BUT it makes the rest of the day better. I don't know.

I'm going to try it though... I'll report back. In an ideal world, I could exercise at 5PM or 6PM when I'm home before dinner, feel like it, I am intellectually drained from the day but not physically tired, and my lungs would remain clear a full 24 hours until the next workout. Alas, the world is not ideal.

The downsides (for me) to a morning workout are: I am not that coherent in the morning, have to lay out workout shoes, socks on the treadmill; neurotic fear or sleeping through it that interrupts sleep; actual sleeping through it; general loss of sleep associated with waking up earlier; cats do not seem in favor of it; I cough harder but get less up. Real morning airway clearance still happens in the shower best (for me) with the steam; my diaphragm/abdomen gets sore more often and more easily from this rougher coughing; morning workouts rule out breakfast by increasing my morning nausea; I don't get as clear of an idea of my O2 needs because my O2 is significantly worse upon waking, gets better when up and about.

Upsides: Lungs do clear better during shower; lungs are clearer for the start of the work day; Workout is done so I feel like a superwoman all day thinking, "I worked out at 5:30, what did YOU do today?!"; general bragging rights; its cooler out in the morning; if I get in the rhythm I can commit to it 100% No schedule conflicts with the ass-crack of morning.

Tell me this, bloggy readers, when do you exercise?
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  1. I generally exercise first thing in the morning with either a 2.1 mile walk or cardio at the gym. Then I'll usually do my weight lifting somewhere between 12-4pm. I think that doing your workout first thing in the morning is AWESOME and makes my lungs feel great the rest of the day. You need to figure out a way to eat in the morning also though. I know you can't eat before, because, like me, you'll barf it all over the place, but somehow you need to work it in. It is VERY important that you eat!


  2. I LOVE that your TRYING! like me, I'm TRYING! I could sit there and think of 1,000 excuses not to get up in the morning, but the reality is....we gotta do it! Its better for us, really, I don't see a downside in exercise.

    Like you I can't figure out when to do my exercise either.. I worked out at night, and yesterday I worked out in the morning, and I found out that the morning exercise(if its cardio) is better for me, and the night exercise(if its weights) is better for me.

    When I do the morning cardio, I have a sudden burst of energy for the rest of the day, and after the night weights....IM TIRED! so i'm able to get good sleep during the night.

    I really hope this helps you in figuring out what time of day you should do your exercises:]]]

  3. So many newsflashes! I successfully got 15 minute of walking in with 30 seconds of running. My sister said to try running with the oxygen canula in my mouth- and it worked! My O2 and pulse stayed within the healthy range!! Tomorrow morning I can try 20 minutes of walking with 45 seconds of running. AND, my O2 never went too low, so I can decrease O2 from 4.5L to 4L

    So far, success.

    Now, I'm gonna shower and see if I can eat something after that :) Thanks for the advice, y'all.



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