Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Poem From The Hospital


Began the day with brushing teeth
Like other days, lungs gave me grief.
"Port placement will be first thing," they say.
I change my shirt, and I'm on my way.

Then pulse climbs high, O2 drops low.
The sweat starts seepin out.
Time for freaking-out-relief.
My lower lip begins to pout.

No valium says the nice P.A.
It will mess up your sedation.
Oh me, Oh my, "I'm freakin' NOW-
"Don't you see the situation!?"

Dr. U-Bird^ and his friend N-pregg^
came to have a calming chat.
Then ativan helped us all out
I was calm, and that was that.

In the scary surgery room,
I fell fast asleep and don't recall
They made some cuts and balloons and such
That is my memory, none at all.

I slept it off, my head did hurt.
My chest felt sort of odd.
I wake up later, groggy at first
Not too much to check my bod.

My port placement looks so super nice.
My boobs, I checked 'em double twice.
Not too high and not too low.
Sex'll be great and it still won't show. *in clothes

The day goes on and then it ends
Not yet going with the flow
I try to rest but feel awake
Despite the Oxycodo.

Love, CG


  1. You're a poet
    and now I know it!

    Glad everything went well! Now feel better and get the heck outta there!!!!


  2. Ha love it!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ditto what Ronnie said!

    Get better and get outta there :)

  3. "My boobs, I checked 'em double twice" is one of the best lines of poetry I have read in weeks.

  4. Coming from you, Kathy, that is HUGE compliment. Thanks!! I am the Dr. Seuss of boob poetry.

  5. Holy crap you are good.

    LOVE the picture, Cutie. xxxooo

  6. Glad it went well! Enjoy that Oxycodone for me.

  7. yay bubbies! yay narcotics!

  8. great rhymes! glad your boobs look great ;)


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