Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Underwear Drawer: A Fair Representation of Me

A little known fact about CG is that I came of age in a house run by a woman, my CysticMommy, who worked for a lingerie company. I was the only seventh grader to wear a hot pink bra and thus began a life of altogether too much attention to underwear. CysticLady shares this passion handed down by CysticMommy, and writes, I like underwear, to me, as I sit here typing.

I have come to understand that my current state of being can be easily assessed by looking into my underwear drawer. All a mess? Thus, I am a mess. Empty? Thus, I am empty. All neat and colorful? Ah. Thus and thus and thus.

Tonight, in an attempt to put order to the chaos around me, I decided to spend time doing one of my very favorite CG things to do: organize and categorize, prioritize and synchronize my underwear.

Thus. I have learned:

A few weeks ago, I was the ball of white in the back of the drawer.

Now, I am all the way to the right. Basic. Functioning. Solid.

Soon, I will back in the middle. Colorful. Content. Expressive.

After that, further left.
Comfortable. Beautiful. Understated.

And then, well, I'll really be back.

There are a few other messages in the image but I"ll leave that to your own discretion.

So I ask, CG Readers:
What does your underwear drawer say about YOU?

PS. Tonight's post is double-whammy. I finally decided to upload a video that I had delayed, below. Watch it if you so desire. Goodnight from Cinderella-CG. It is Midnight! POOF!


  1. I must have a lot of holes in my life :)


  2. Hahaha Ronnie...

    CG, I'm really starting to think we just might be the same person. I'm no underoo-queen, but the state of my closet organization is inversly correlated to the degree of stress in my life. I shall post (with pictures, what a treat!) when I return from aneurysm-fixy-land. (all went swimmingly, btw!)

  3. If my underwear draw is a representative of me then my life must be full. I have an abundance of underwear. All shapes and colors. I love underwear. When I am feeling down, happy, sick, angry, stressed or want to celebrate I buy underwear. Lat piece about me and mu underwear...I always try to match my bra and underwear with what I am wearing. My husband will ask what is wrong if I don't match everything. With a habit like this you would think I was organized but if you looked at my underwear draw it would tell you a completely different story. Great always.

  4. I believe my underwear are too small and curly to fold or organize. It's a mess!


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