Saturday, June 13, 2009

Breaking News, Already!

This is a great NY Times article with videos about CF! My comments on the video will be below . . .

1) The first thing that notice about these videos is that CF people's voices have some similarities. A certain sound in the voice that is deeper than normal, a certain rhythm to the way the person takes their breaths within a sentence. It's neat. The women sound just like me, I think. (?) I can't tell if their voices are lower than other women's voices, or higher. It's strange. But I like it. I often wonder what other people think about my voice, if they even think about it. In my line of work, I think about my voice like 50 times a day. But then . . . you don't know my line of work, now DO YOU? Hmm...I'm suddenly realizing I should tackle this topic again once you know more about my identity!!

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  1. SO I really love your blog but Ive never sat down and read things Ive missed that you have posted about before I found you UNTIL now so sorry for all the late comments lol!!

    I do love how CFers talk its one of my many fav things!!



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