Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sleep Debt: Forget Finances, Get Me A Pillow!

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This will be a short post, which is only appropriate because of its topic and timestamp. I recently finished a course of IV treatment with 0 days spent in the hospital thanks to Dr. U-Bird^ (see forthcoming entries for an explanation of this pseudonym-and if you're reading, Dr. U-Bird, rest assured this pseudonym is derived from only kind postings and ideas to follow). I think the course went well with this exception: I did not get enough sleep.

When I'm on home IVs, I usually have to take one of them every 8 hours. Sounds reasonable, right? So I take one at say, 11PM, and one at say, 7AM. Sounds good. But if I stay up til 11 to take the med, then it takes about 15 minutes to finish, THEN I put I head to pillow, THEN I fall asleep around midnight, the question is: WHEN DO I HAVE TO WAKE UP?

Despite what you may have assumed about my sunny funny CG attitude, I'm barely a human being in the morning. When I wake up, the order of events is as follows:

1) Have heart to heart with kitty
2) Take inhalers
3) Press "on" button on recently purchased cheap-ass coffeemaker lacking programmable timer
4) Feed kitties
5) Eat tasty morning treats trying not to fall asleep on couch
6) Watch humans talk on television, re-learn English language while drinking coffee
7) Take nebulizer(s)
8) Cough my f'in brains out (and sometimes the coffee too)


9) Accomplish anything more complex than the above such as
10) Do IV medication

I mean, it goes in my veins, people! I better be awake when I'm trying not to screw it up.

In order for this to happen around 7AM, I have to wake up around 6. That's only 6 hours of sleep, which was enough for my younger, more-robust self. But nowadays, I need like 8 or 9 hours to stay nice.

So now, two weeks later, I have a sleep debt to pay off and today I put in one long nap as a down payment. I feel the repo-woman coming . . . it's me!!


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  1. Well, since I can be no help w/ the coughing or lack of sleep :(, I will give you this tip re the coffee maker: go to and sign up, then cancel after your first shipment. you'll end up with a cofee maker and a pound of coffee for like $20. The coffee maker is AWESOME, has a timer, doesn't burn your old coffee, and mine has lasted for almost 5 years now. (And no, they aren't paying me to say this)


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