Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good Traveler (GT) versus Cystic Gal (CG): SMACKDOWN

Top Ten Differences In Traveling
as fictitious "normal" ideal world author lady (Good Traveler), and
as CG: who I really am.

1) Good Traveler packs light. CG needs lots and lots of stuff.

2) Good Traveler gets up early. CG sleeps in late.

3) Good Traveler leaves no later than an hour after waking. CG takes all the time she needs to clear the airways. (long time.)

4) Good Traveler says, "any hotel, fine by me." CG says, "Treadmill?"

5) Good Traveler says, "I got the bags." CG says, "Can you help me with my bags and o2-maker thingie?"

6) Good Traveler takes 1 or 2 days to go "17 hours" according to mapquest. CG takes three.

7) Good Traveler drives ALAP (as long as possible) before stopping. CG is hungry, say, every 2 hours :)

8) Good Traveler wants to stay out late with old friends. CG wants to go to bed early though she adores old friends.

9) Good Traveler walks through town romantically. CG says, "Is there parking? I'll meet you there," and wonders what could have been. Feels bad.

10) Good Traveler loses. CG wins.

WHY? CG writes this blog.

Goodnight from the road,


  1. LOL man is that true or what?!?!?!?!?!?

    I went away this past weekend and it looked like I was gonna be gone for a week! Sheesh!

  2. This is great, and sounds a lot like how our traveling has changed over the last nine months. Granted, ours was self-inflicted. ;)
    And I'm not sure there really is anyone exactly like GT... I think anyway you T is G - the important part is that you T.

  3. Your Turkish readership sympathizes, as it had to pack so much (non-CF) equipment that it hardly had room for clothes. Luckily, SE Turkey isn't Paris or Milan!


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