Friday, June 26, 2009

Magnum Opus CG:

A brief mission statement on the purpose of this blog and summer writing project.

CG currently tracking 200th Unique Reader . . . Congratulations, Chesterfield, Missouri!

I'll start by saying that I don't seem to be sure how to articulate my mission, yet. I hope that by the end of the summer, through writing the blog, I will come to discover where my writing is headed. Here is what I know so far . . .

Three Things I Don't Want This Blog To Be:

1) A personal diary. I do not plan to tell you where I go and what I do unless there is some more Cystic-Gal-related reflection in the storytelling. I am realizing, already, that this is the hardest rule to follow. However, I really want my blog to be about how CF affects my day to day experiences - not just my day to day experiences in general.

2) A rant and rave type of page.
I don't want to just be needlessly throwing thoughts out there without thought for the real life relationships I and others have. I am still struggling with maybe removing my Asthma-pal post for this reason.

3) An over-simplication of CF, either positive or negative.

Five Things I Want This Blog To Be:

1) A place to get feedback on the writing.
In the theatre, we would call this an open reading of sorts. An initial place to track reactions and interest to the topics and my dealings with them.

2) A place to e-meet people with CF and their loved ones, particularly other "Cystic Gals" out there.

3) A place to express parts of my story with CF that I have never told, or that I have rarely shared with people in my life.

4) A tool for dealing with my anxiety regarding the medical community. I express myself best through writing, but I have come to realize that without a true audience, I do very little writing. Journal Schmournal, I say. I need a reader. Congratulations, it's YOU! I must say, I am least excited about this aspect of the blog, but it is an honest purpose
of the blog, so I must list it.

5) Funny and Balanced. I w
ant people to enjoy reading my blog even if I am dealing, at times, with heavy topics. I want to keep a balance in my writing.

That's what I know so far . . . I'll update at the end of the summer. In the meantime, speaking of feedback, what do YOU hope to GAIN from reading this blog? Reminder! CG offers anonymous commenting . . . oooh! intriguing!

Thank for reading,


  1. Well you're doing a great job so far!!!

    I'm curious though, which description of yours does my blog fall under???


  2. I think your idea is a good approach for a blog! I hope all is well.

  3. Ronnie, I don't think your blog fits under EITHER of my descriptions AT ALL. I just have read a lot of SCARY CF blogs out there with a lot of misinformation. I think you may have had that experience too. The CF Husband has a whole article about what he thinks might even be "fake blogs" out there. Weird internet world stuff! I love your blog... I'll re-read the way I worded my comments above..


  4. I like these goals, and you've inspired me to start writing again. I'm going to take some baby-steps, though, and start with a journal. ;)

    Are you looking for a critical assessment of your writing in any way? Or how the subject matter is being presented? I just want to be sure to understand what you need from us in terms of "feedback."

  5. Hey Anonymous! Thanks for reading and commenting. I was glad to get my first anonymous comment to show others that it works! Congratulations on starting a journal. I think any kind of writing is great.

    In terms of feedback, I'll gladly accept any kind of feedback that I get. However, I'm not particularly looking for feedback on my writing style, per se, because I'm trying to just put the writing itself out there whatever way it comes about, sort of in first-draft mode. Portions of the blog that I think can be developed further as a text are being saved and worked on separately from the blog.

    I would love feedback on how the subjects are being presented? Especially feedback in the form of questions, i.e. "What makes you say ___?"

    Thanks for writing to me, and I hope this clarifies a bit!



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