Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cystic Gal Goes On A Journey

This was much prettier in the sky than it came out on my camera-phone. Alas, technology is what it can be when you're driving AND playing photog. That's right, loyal readers, I'm going on a trip to see some family, friends, and a sweetie :) I plan to continue to write daily posts but I thought I would alert you to my plans.

Readers, I am going to keep my commitment to write a post nightly. That way, I can really get the ball rolling on this CG writing project and let YOU get to know me in the process. Unfortunately, this commitment to nightly output means that the posts can't all be as witty, lengthy and connected as the "Eminem / Michael Phelps / Lung Capacity" post below. However, I think you'll appreciate hearing from me every night just the same.

Here are the current titles of articles I AM working on and will reveal when fully developed:

"Magnum Opus CG"- A brief mission statement on the purpose of this blog and writing project.

"Where Did You Come From, Where Did You Go?" - CG writes about her youth with CLady and CSibling, and how the way she was raised impacts her CG ways.

"Only You, Babe" - CG writes about how CFers seem oddly focused on artistic fields and expressions, including CG's own career path.

SIDENOTE: You will read in "Magnum Opus CG" that the real real real first idea for this blog came from a national conference presentation I did in my OWN REAL career field two years ago. I would tell you the title of the presentation, but then my identity'd be OUT . . .

"____________ Syndrome: What can IT do for YOU?" - This one is too scandalous to write the whole title here without publishing the full article!

"Any Sort of a 'Love Feeling'"- This article centers around a quote from Cystic Lady and you can probably guess what it's about.

Ok, ya'll. Goodnight! I'll write to you again, from the road.

PS: I always enjoy receiving questions. Email or leave an anonymous comment to ask a question! These would make perfect simple posts while I'm traveling!

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  1. What I really really want to ask is for you to fill in the blank in "____________ Syndrome: What can IT do for YOU?" but since I know you can't tell me, I'll have to be satisfied, maybe, with asking: where did you take that pretty road picture? And with playing Mad Libs w/ the title, I guess.


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