Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just the News.

NEWSFLASH! "CYSTIC GAL" READERSHIP UP 2400% Since Day One!! no kiddin', man! CG Welcomes First Readers From West Coast - hello out there! CG HAS GONE NATIONWIDE!

ALSO: You can follow and comment on "Cystic Gal" Anonymously. Email with questions :)

It has been a long day. I will have to write to you eloquently tomorrow (uh...hopefully). The news is, I got my PICC line out using the bartering techniques of Cystic Lady (my sister) and also Valium (see previous post.) There is much MUCH more to tell, and alas, I am tired, and must tell you tomorrow. I had a great dinner with T-Money^, H-Mama^, and I'll just say it, a margarita too.

Love, (and hot showers!)

*Cystic Gal is bad at math

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