Thursday, June 25, 2009

From the Road: Reader Question

New Stat! 42% of CG Readers spend more than an hour on the site when they visit!
I must be writing something worth reading since new readers are reading it up! THANKS! I'll keep it up if you do! Don't forget to click around. Lots of new stuff to the left and sometimes, even, below!

Missed Post = Extra Post! Added a post for last Monday (the day I missed while driving). It's a link to one or two of my favorite CF bloggers in their active discussion about transplant. Check it out below!

KR asks where I took my lovely picture below from. The answer: Somewhere in NY state. I decided, foolishly last Sunday, to leave at 5:30PM because that is how long it took me to do all my morning things (listed below) plus all my packing things (alluded to below). I decided, "I will drive until it is truly dark out, and then, drive for an hour after that. One hour of in-the-dark-driving is enough for me."

Good point to this plan: I was driving into the sunset, which was very very pretty and pinky and purpley and a good way to start a trip. Bad point to this plan: It doesn't actually get "dark" out until about 9PM when you're driving toward the sunset and using the question, "Can I see the clouds meeting the sky?" as your guidepost. I declared it "officially dark out" around 9PM, and then drove 'til 10PM. THEN, I found at hotel. All in all, a silly way to start a trip because I was exhausted by the next day.

I have since recovered with a little quality time with CSibling and old pals.

Live from my hometown,

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