Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Hey CG, are you a PG?" : A Little Q and A with the Cystic Gal


"CYSTIC GAL" READERSHIP CONTINUES TO CLIMB! CG Welcomes First International Readers - hello to UK and to Turkey! What's next, Mars?! You can follow and comment on "Cystic Gal" Anonymously. Email with questions :)

READER QUESTIONS: A new segment brought to you by CG. If I get an email or IRL (in real life) question, I will address it here.

QUESTION 1: CG, why won't you reveal your identity?

Interesting question, world at large. My dynamic plan is to settle into this unknown blog-world I've heard so much about and to know more about what I'm getting into before I start revealing who I am. My pledge to you is that I will post a picture of myself, and PERHAPS reveal my true identity on the date of my 100th post. :)

QUESTION 2: CG, can I comment without people knowing it is ME who wrote THAT?!
Yes! The settings on CG are such that I do allow anonymous following and commenting. Although I, the all-knowing CG, will be able to tell some of your stats, like where you're writing from, I won't know your name in particular unless you tell me it or join as a "public follower."

QUESTION 3: CG, how do you know so much about your readership? Are you really a PG? Psychic Gal?
No, sadly, I do not possess the PP, psychic powers. However, I was led by one of my writer
cohorts (and an editor for X-named big gigantic publishing company) (uh...also a friend from high school). She told me to add something called statcounter. It is a free secret information collector thingie that I can log into. Statcounter, it seems, is truly P, and it provides me without a lot of useful info such as maps of my users (HELLO TURKEY!!) and info about how my readers found my page.

CG, Where's the high quality post we expected after last night's "to be continued..."?
Funny you should ask. It turns out, all my putzing around with fonts and PPStatcounter took a lot of time, and now I must to bed to my overnight oximetry study!! Also, One of my new blogger buddies was going through a hard time today and this is what I wrote to her:

"Hey, Girl. I can't believe it's almost midnight and you posted this at 7ish and you don't have any comments yet. I'm just reading it now, and you know what? Get angry. There is a saying in feminist politics (not that this is a feminist blog-it, duh, has another theme), GET MAD AND STAY MAD. The idea is that a little madness is required to get the job done. You're getting the job done, staying healthy and fighting through the rough spots. And no you don't have to be in a good mood by tomorrow if you don't wake up that way. You do what you need to do and take out your anger on the treadmill while you're at it. Somedays you just have to tell CF to suck it. Good job doing so!"

Obviously, constructing this hopefully helpful comment-to-a-stranger took some of my usual blogging time away from all of you, my loyal CG readers. And so, I share it with you! More tomorrow.

Tomorrow's Title: "Eminem: The Soundtrack of Medicine?"

Goodnight, CG


  1. Hi Cystic Gal. I can't wait to hear about Eminem. Did you know that Cystic Lady IS PG? :)

  2. Hi , Just to say hello from UK and introduce myself as you have spotted me from statcounter ! Im just learning about CF , no direct experience so am reading your back posts and wishing you well with your blog .

  3. thanks for the shout-out dude. tho to call me a "writer" is a bit of a stretch. I am ghostwriting a page-a-day calendar for the home shopping network, however.

  4. Ha, Ok Evie, I EDITED my description of you. Get it? EDITED??!

  5. Hey, Cystic Gal!

    You never have to reveal your identity! That's aok, that's what I say, so there! And Michael Phelps is quite excellent, really, especially if you get a chance to watch him eat.



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