Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cystic Gal T-Shirts- Time to Buy!

Having trouble with the online form? You can email me a cysticgal@gmail.com for my USPS address, and send a regular check. xxoo, cg

Yay! The time has come that you can purchase your Cystic Gal T-Shirt! So exciting!!! I will be ordering the shirts on 6/28, so make your purchase quickly :) !

I have added an option to make a small donation to my "Cystic Gal" transplant fund, which will help offset the travel and lodging expenses if I have my transplant in Cleveland, as well as my out-of-network deductible. No pressure to donate! I am happy to feel so very supported by my family, friends and the CF / transplant community, and to send the other shirts at-cost. It makes me so happy that so many people ordered the shirts, read the blog, and support me in my times of happiness, craziness and every other "ness."

Thank you from the bottom of my broken old lungs :)

Love, CG

p.s. Feel free to email me at CysticGal@Gmail.com with any questions.

T-Shirt Size (Women's Sizes)

T-Shirt Size (Unisex/Standard T-Shirt Sizes)

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  1. hey wanted to know what that song is on the video,what is it called?and who is it by?


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