Monday, June 7, 2010

Walk This Way

Okay, supposedly this is the track after Aerosmith's "Back in the Saddle Again." I have used that title and its variations too much, I had to think outside the Steven Tyler box. ...eww.

So, yes. I'm ba-ack in the hospital 6 days after the last time, for bleeding. Last time, I was more jovial thinking maybe I wouldn't leave the joint without my new airbags. This time, THIS BP IS NOT LEAVING UNTIL THEY PLUG THE F'ING LEAK. (bp=cystic gal's real initials; the leak=in my lung, not under the sea.)

In response to today's comments:

<<'I would marry you for a mac donalds double cheese burger and fries!' i text to t-money. I'm back in the hospital, not for good news.>>
T-Money did INDEED bring me a double cheeseburger which I ate so fast she couldn't even see me. It was one of my other, less-lady-like secret powers.
unknowncystic said...
<Sorry to hear you're back in. Give them grief so they kick you out soon. Your fan, UC>>
Did you perhaps see THIS post from Tuesday night into Wednesday?

<I am still here. Still no news. I am laying in my er curtain area across from tall, muscley, bald by choice guy. 9 hours. Are you kidding me, god>

Because this guy was indeed my actual nurse tonight, which was 1/2 totally awesome because he was super hot and I'm normally horrified by male-medical-people because of all their chest grabbing, but since he was super hot, it was, like, not so bad. (My psychiatrist might read this and thus if you don't hear from me for a week it might be due to a removal-of-weirdness-lobotomy, I hear they do those here, and I am a prime candidate.) It was the other 1/2 not so awesome because - well, that's all I have to say about that. So there. Google that. Yeah. Or something.

Also, I've been quite remiss in forgetting to write a wonderful / horrifying review of my trip to Brookline Booksmith where I had a horrifying/amusing experience seeing Jill Zarin, of Real Houswives of New York, do a "reading" which was mostly a q/a with random fans, which I must not diss, because I was there, wasn't I? I have decided, that since tomorrow I am likely doing the embolization to end my bleeds (hope hope hope), this might be a really good post to write from an elevated, post-sedation perspective.

Title: Famous People Are Weird, and the People That Love Them: Even Weirder--Jill Zarin, Andy Cohen, Alex McCord, Kelly Bensimone, Spite, Anti-Semitism, Class, and Craziness: What I Learned at the Booksmith.

I love a good long title almost more than I love a suspenseful ending and a good google draw.

Love to all, I have to sleep, I didn't get a nap today!


  1. Boo Hiss!!!!!! Praying everything goes perfectly for the embolization and you have one less thing to worry and wonder about-----is it going to happen???------when is it going to happen?????

    Love, love, love
    Linda in Louisiana

  2. never ever get a "removal-of-weirdness-lobotomy"! Your weirdness makes you awesome, unique, and a great drama teacher. :-)


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