Thursday, June 24, 2010

TV this week is Sofa King Awesome.

In case you missed it, its a very Cystic Gal themed week on the teeeveeee! Tonight, I missed these awesome two cystic gals on America's Got Talent- I was watching and fell asleep on my bipap!! Irony.

Tomorrow night, Thursday, on ABC- "Boston Med"- first episode of this documentary series by the same people who did "Hopkins" last summer - and who is the star of the first episode? A lung transplant patient and one of my very own surgeons, Dr. Camp. I have heard through the grapevine that it is a very moving episode that shows, in action, what is at stake in the timeline on the night of a transplant! I hope you watch!

And P.S. Remember, you can buy your Cystic Gal, Guy or Kid shirt HERE - you can buy different sizes / colors than your order- there's enough to go around!


  1. Oh My Blog! Or your blog! I hafta watch that!!!!!!!!


  2. The CF sisters were so adorable and talented. Hope I can remember to watch BOSTON MED tonight. Thanks for reminding us.

    Linda in Louisiana

  3. You're sofa king cute!! hehehe


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