Sunday, June 13, 2010

You can't take it with you :: The SouthtownStar :: Guest Columnists

"Cystic Gal" is more famous every day! Kathleen Rooney, famed and sometimes infamous author, publisher, and my personal hometown homie, wrote this wonderful article about . . . ME, and her experience visiting me in Boston a few weeks ago. The article is focused on promoting organ donation and exploring some of the practical matters in the pre-transplant process. I hope this article encourages more people to sign up as organ donors, and to encourage their family to do the same.

An update on general news, I am feeling much better than yesterday. Please click the link below to see the article in The Southtown Star, by the Chicago Sun Times.

You can't take it with you :: The SouthtownStar :: Guest Columnists

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  1. Wow! What a fantastic article! I hope that people reading the article will be touched by your personal story and become organ donors. I also didn't realize the challenges you face with insurance and how much your premiums cost. That was an eye opener!


  2. That's a great article! Since Jim's transplant on 5/19/10 I have 2 friends and my brother change their option to be a donor. I also promoted it by putting a link to the on-line process.
    Jim and I talk about you often and can't wait to see the post/blog saying you are in surgery!
    Take care of yourself, Beth!

  3. "...famed and sometimes infamous..." Thanks and thanks for letting me write the article!


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