Wednesday, June 30, 2010

sleepy sleepy

Thank you to all who read my long and meandering post last night, and for trying to understand it - like I said in the post, I'm not a ball of sad, I just have a lot on my mind- and I started this blog about a year ago (hey, I should check for my bloggiversary!), primarily as a tool to express my anxieties and concerns about my illness. The blog has taken on a whole other crazy charactered life, and for that I am very grateful and surprised all the time.  

I encourage you, tonight, to read this post, on the eve of the last day of the Patient Press poetry contest: if you wanna write a poem, but feel unqaulified. UnknownCystic shows you that anyone, ANY FRIGGIN ONE can write a poem, and you can even use his ideas. He's out of blog for the week. He'll never know.

In the words of Unkown Cystic's pet, Unknown Fox, 
"Party like it's your last.

Fox out."

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  1. Fox here.

    It's about time you put my handsome face on your web site. I just want you to know you made the joint look 100 times better.

    Congrats to you for starting your blog a year ago. I can say you never would have guessed that year later you'd be putting a picture of a fox on it.

    Just proves that life rocks and is completely unpredictable.

    You rock, too, CG.And like life, you're just as unpredictable.

    Fox out


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