Friday, June 11, 2010

Home Again, "Jill Zarin" not ready, and What's to Come

I am home again and boy are my arms tired... or something. I never get my stupid sayings right. I got home from the hospital today around 2ish and med delivery around 3ish and nap around 3:15 ish and woke about 7:45 ish and food delivery around 8:30 ish and "Bethenny Getting Married?" around 10:00 ish and time with my cat this whole time-ish and now getting ready for sleep 10:53 ish.

That was my day.

All in all, an easy hospital stay if we don't count the day I was a heroine addict. We never like to count those days. Once again I must say, I don't know how those crackheads do it. Being high is certainly a low.

My cat was glad to see me, and thanks to J-Teach, she hasn't been too obnoxious. In the mail upon my arrival I received a beautious necklace from grad school home D-ramie^, and a Tivo wifi adapter that I actually gave CysticDad for Christmas. Something tells me that they have given up on Tivo over there at the CysticParents house. Not me.

Wanna hear a funny joke? When I was in the hospital one of the times this winter, there were two things that happened around the house that my mother thought were too stressful to mention, and she didn't want to tell me because we were trying to keep my blood pressure down. These two pieces of information, my mother thought, would send me into the palpitations! One: I got a letter from my job that they weren't renewing my contract. Two: My TIVO had run out of memory and had stopped Tivo-ing.

I digress, I am home now. My "Jill Zarin" post is not yet ready, though I know the world awaits it. It is sure to disappoint after such high hopes have built.

And, I have long been working on a post called, "Ex Boyfriend Curiosity Syndrome: Why it Afflicts, and How to Cure It," with a picture attached that T-Money found on an evening when this epidemic afflicted her, personally. The picture features her ex running and jumping on the beach with his new, chubby, honey, in what appears to be an ad for the music group "Wham!"

Just to give you something to look forward to. Goodnight, love,


  1. Glad you're home. I like the shots that get me high in the hospital. Not that I get many - they can see future junkie in my eyes.

    This new site of yours is very calming. You need some of that massage music playing to relax your readers. Woo them into a trance like state.

  2. CG-
    New site looks excellent. Glad you are home. xxoo


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