Thursday, June 10, 2010

We're Not Gonna Take It! No, We Ain't Gonna Take It . . .

(It was about time that I used a 70s song title for my blog post title, I had sorta fallen off the 70s wagon there for a bit . . . I'm back!! Or should I say, Brandon's back . . . )

Brandon Rees is Mad at the Universe, and He's Not Gonna Take it, Anymore!

Brandon received his lungs about a year ago at the transplant / CF center that I used to attend in the Chi. He emailed my sister and I after his transplant and we became fast internet friends (you know how that is). Brandon is the bestest, and because I am quite a lady . . . stop laughing . . . because I am quite a lady, he decided to take his manly powers and write this quite un-lady-like post for me.

I present to you . . .

Top 5 Reasons I'm Pissed that Cystic Gal Doesn't Have Her Lungs Yet:
by Brandon Rees

5. CG's CysticDad originally made a vow / protest not to cut his hair until CG had her transplant. After many months, and it was put to a vote, we decided that he had to cut his hair, and can no longer moonlight as "Slash" in my Guns N' Roses cover band

4. I'm still waiting for my copy of "CG does Tae Bo," featuring Billy Blanks and Richard Simmons (currently on hold until post-transplant.)

3. I can't can't make snarky "we're on borrowed lungs" comment about the both of us, together, or other inappropriate jokes- until she gets the freaking' borrowed lungs!

2. I need someone to help me clean out the garage while in a state of prednisone-induced OCD, which certainly she will be, if she isn't already . . . this is a mystery to me, like all things CG.

1. Can't yet use the line "I just want to see your scar" for cheap thrills

I thank Brandon for his contribution but caution him that after transplant, he still does NOT get to "see my scar!"

Please write to me and tell me, why are you pissed that I haven't gotten my lungs yet?!

Goodnight, and Good luck,


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  1. I'm pissed because I have to wait longer for my "CysticGal's ass hanging out of a hospital gown" photo.


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