Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Holy Canoli Cystic Gal is the Backup: By Cystic Lady

Tonight at 6:36 PM Cystic Gal was called by Brigham & Women's as the backup for lung transplant.  She was called into the hospital soon after and is accompanied by a friend, waiting to see if 1) the surgery is a go, and 2) the first person in line is not able to have the surgery.  It's hard to say how it will turn out, but please send Cystic Gal the good feelings and energy and prayers or whatever you like to send her.  She has had a bunch of blood work. 

In a related story, Cystic Mommy fell down Monday on a bike ride with Cystic Lady (me) and broke her right wrist.  She is right-handed.  She will have surgery, probably Thursday to fix it.  So, if the Cystic Gal lung transplant is a go, Cystic Dad will fly to Boston on the earliest flight at 6:00 AM tomorrow, and I will take care of Cystic Mommy's surgery.  Can you believe it!  I can, actually today when I was on chat with L-UberComputer, I mentioned this very thing.  I might have willed it! 

As of this post there is no new news, but I have the phone nearby. 

Transplant Woo, Cystic Gal Woo!  (Stolen and modified from an old chat when Sammy Sosa played in Chicago in the 90's.)


  1. CG,

    I am thinking of you and wishing good, pink and purple thoughts. :-)


  2. prayers and positive energy coming her way all the way from arizona!

  3. Dear CG,
    You are(always!)in my thoughts and prayers...now my fingers and toes are crossed as well! Love you!

  4. thinking of you! Good Luck!

  5. Thanks so much, especially @unknown for the pink and purple dreams, and Barb for the DG love!!

  6. Whoooaaaa! I am behind. xxxooo


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