Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's a no go. Going home. Not to bad of am experience. Tired. More tomorrow. Love love and thanks for support!


  1. Sorry to hear it was a no go. Hope you get some good news soon. (And hope you get that cheesburger!)

  2. Sorry it was a no go, but now you have experience in what to expect next time---------and it will come and I bet soon. I just love your attitude and enjoy your blog so much.

    If and when you have some energy, would you privately e-mail me and talk about your other center choices. Jamie has been evaluated at one and we are wondering if we should look into a second place.

    Sending best wishes,
    Linda in Louisiana
    Mother of Mandy (with the angels) Kyle, Hunter and Brady wo/cf and Jamie 24 yom w/cf

  3. It's been my experience - yours, too - that God, or whomever, ain't kidding any of us. A royal cosmic prankster/aka royal pain at his/her whim. No comprendo nada. Not a bit of it. Eat two cheeseburgers just for the HELL of it. xxoo

  4. Wasn't meant to be I guess! It's exciting that you're getting close. Hang in there :)

  5. Sorry that it was a false alarm but now you know that you are on the radar! Thinking of you!

  6. or 8 cheezeburgers


  7. Thanks all, I am glad to be movin' on up, like the Jeffersons, to some deluxe lungs from the sky-y. AND I'll have you know I rewarded myself by sending all my laundry (2 bags) out to the laundry delivery guy, and ordering a huge batch of thai food. That, plus sleep and catching up on meds and airway clearance, and hopefully I'll wake up tomorrow back to normal.

    Love love love, cg


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