Monday, June 21, 2010

Not me, but someone else.

It's a no go. Love and light to the recipient. The surgeon and his best dude came to see me, and I am more confident, than ever, that the system works and that it will work for me, and soon. They saved a life tonight, and it wasn't mine. Can I be upset about that? Sure. But I drove myself home with the wind in my hair, Eminem doing, "Beautiful" and "I'm Not Afraid," on the radio, feeling pretty blessed about the family, friends, and support from 100s of people I've never met, who are certainly not strangers. Pretty good life, hmm? And we'll do it all again tomorrow.

More then. . .

I came home to a huge grocery delivery that my loverly neighbors accepted and put away, and I'm gonna eat it all up and then pass out after my IVs. So far, I ate 2 puddings, 3 string cheeses, a coke, a gatorade, and next I plan to find something, you know, more dinnerly to snarf down. Must stay fat prior to surgery. OH YEAH, yesterday I bought 3 new cheap cute rocker girl t-shirts at Target, and I got my shirt in the mail from Ms. Piper!! SUPER!!

Good karma abounds.

Love and light to the donor family and to his soul in heaven or wherever he was planning to go, and love and light to the recipient and his family as they prepare to heal. Big prayers that they manage to sleep overnight, even on accident, so that they will be strong for the wake-up hours!!

Love, CG


  1. Sorry to hear that! :(

  2. The Dr. better be rested he is doing my Bronch and biopsy tomorrow. He is also going to figure out why my lung funtions are dropping all of a sudden! URRRRR! Next set has to be yours. Thinking of you!

  3. So sorry it didn't work out ... here's to the perfect pair that are out there for you.

    Love and light to the donor family and the recipient.

  4. You're next!! :] Hang in there CG. You've been a patient patient and now it's time for your reward!


  5. You're next?!? Awesome news! Now you can celebrate by hitting a drive-thru window on the way home for a cheeseburger!

  6. You have such a great attitude and that is going to benefit you so much when it really happens. You drove yourself home? Wow!!!! What a woman! Keep on keeping on and your day will come-------soon!

    Linda in Louisiana
    Mother of Mandy (with the angels) Kyle, Hunter and Brady wo/cf and Jamie 24 yom w/cf


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