Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th Was Awesome!

Maybe uploadin' some videos, maybe not . . . I am too sleepy tired to write a big long post (which is usually the curse for me writing a twenty pager), but I will give you the highlight reel and leave out the lowlight reel, if there is such a thing- out takes? I'm leaving those outtakes OUT.

Frideee: oh oh oh nevermind I want to start with Thursday . . .

Thursday: Had a great chat with my colleague CB (the cb)^ about work that starts TOMORROW, and had some ideas for said work. Worked on these ideas. Gloriously happy to be having ideas that are related in any way to the word "work."

Frideee: Met with CB (the cb) at said place of business to go over said creative ideas and generally pretend to overtake the planet / place of business. Also ran into old colleague- hugs all around! Watched Friday Night Lights in my new Tim-Riggins-approved t-shirt, sent to me direct from Hollywood insider MK (on staff at Friday Night Lights, and not just getting the coffee, either!)

Saturdee: Slept in late and boy did I deserve it! Typie typie related to creative endeavors. Went out on a great non-date with my girl T-Money^, to celebrate our Independence from all things. Including, you know, dudes. Oddly enough, we were surrounded by dudes while doing this. Wore a cute dress.

Sunday: Ice Cream American Adventure! with JO. So wonderful and yummyurful. Now, babysitting poor B-Kitty as she is a-scared of the a-fireworks and is a-freakin'-out. Thank God she's not a dog. She would be barking up a storm. Instead, she is a-whimpering.

Tomorrow, sleeping in while all you working schlubs and undisclosed location are bright eyed, bushy tailed, and hopefully have time to get to Breuggers! If not, send MO^ she's the best. But you have to buy her coffee, at the least!

Goodnight, CG

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  1. Your blogs are so coded! I feel out of the loop! ;)


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